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How To Organize A Party For Any Occasion Like A Pro
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How To Organize A Party For Any Occasion Like A Pro

March 28, 2013

Who doesn’t love parties? A successful and great party doesn’t just happen with the snap of a finger. It takes a whole lot of planning and preparing especially...


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You may not be aware of it or just haven’t notice at all, but food figures out a lot in many rap music. In numerous metaphorical ways, food and food references are almost always included in rap lyrics. Food is used in just about any topic or body parts and other things that they can associate food to. According to an article featured in overthinking.com, including food or the idea of food into an artist’s music is a classic way of effectively connecting to a wider number of listeners. That is, according to the article, because of the fact that food are ever-present in people’s lives and so it is relatable. In interesting ways, food can touch large populations, and practically speak from experience and bridges social divides.


As mentioned earlier, food references and food metaphors are used by hip hop artists to express the message of their song songs – it could be about sex, self-praise, drug use, violence, politics, women’s right and many others. Food stuff like burgers, pizza, or milkshake are commonly used in the lyrics, to creatively paint a picture of daily normalcy or among others. The listeners can relate and identify more easily if they can grasp on something familiar about the song. Below are just examples of the rap songs that used food as metaphors.

“Carry Out” by the rap artist Timbaland, which also features Justin Timberlake, speaks of a woman’s body and its ample, generous sexuality through fast food and Chinese takeout. “The Burger Song” by the artist Skee-Lo speaks of self-impressiveness and virtuosity through the use McDonald’s menu. The song “Put On”  by Young Jeezy, featuring Kanye West, made references to birthday cake, fish food, fast-food servings, curly fries, fish sticks, celery, asparagus and broccoli to describe subjects like possessing cocaine, being a violent person, attracting women, sensual organs, money and marijuana just to name some.

One thing is clear – food is an effective metaphor to convey the thoughts and feeling of the artists in the hip hop genre. It may not be as tasteful or as classic to the discerning ears. It may not be the ideal music to play in the formal restaurants or kitchens Sydney. It may not be the type of music that may enhance a person’s appetite for food. But it sure improves people’s appetite for music and for life.

Every year we celebrate Halloween; it’s a time for parties and Trick or Treating. Some of us were fortunate enough to prepare our costumes a month before the said event, while there are those that were unfortunate enough to prepare at the last minute. We here at Learnhowtodothings.com never believe in rush jobs, but we make this one an exception. Halloween costumes, or just costumes, can be prepared at the last minute, as long as you have the necessary equipment, skills, and articles.

If you are fortunate enough to be blessed with tailoring or crafting skills, you can easily make the following items in mere hours, provided that you have the materials and pattern:


Grim Reaper – nothing says Halloween like the Grim Reaper. For this costume, you’d need at least 5m of black clothing (you can go for Katrina cloth or any other smooth fabric). You only need a pattern for a poncho or hooded toga to pull off the Grim Reaper. For the scythe, you’d need a PVC pipe of at least 3 to 4ft. Spray paint it with a sleek coat of black. For the blade, you can opt to carve it out of 2 pieces of hard cardboard and glue them together so it won’t wobble. Make a makeshift connector at the butt-end of the blade, so you can insert it into the PVC Pipe. Add glue to the connector and you’re done. For a gruesome Grim Reaper, you can purchase masks, and add other accessories like chains.


Witch – A witch costume is one of the most popular costume ideas for women and can easily be made at the last minute. Like the Grim Reaper, you only need 3m of black clothing and the pattern for a long robe or a nightgown. For the hat, create a cylinder out of cartolina. Lower part of the base can be reinforced with cardboard, so the entire thing doesn’t wobble or crumble. At best, you get the top part to bend, which looks like a legitimate witch hat. Cover the entire thing with black cloth. No need to sew, just glue it with the glue gun. You can add details like a flowing scarf, a net fabric hanging on top of the hat, or a pair of black gloves.

The biggest disadvantage of purchasing a forklift, or any other heavy equipment, is that it costs a lot of money – before the purchase and throughout the time it’s in your care. The maintenance costs will cost twice as much as the price that you paid for it. This is why some companies, especially moving companies, opt to hire or rent heavy equipment, from forklifts to trucks. Hiring these vehicles does offer a few distinct advantages that cannot be compared to purchasing them.

For example, what if you have some heavy lifting to do in your warehouse and you need a forklift to do the job? A forklift hire service would be more practical since you only need it for a short period of time, but what are the other benefits?

  1. It’s cheaper – Much like renting a car, renting a forklift is cheaper because you only have to pay for the time that it’s in your care. Depending on the contract, you will not be paying for the vehicle, but for the service it provides you. The payment scheme are also flexible for both short-term and long-term leases. The main point here is that renting does not cost you as much as purchasing – even the upfront costs for renting is significantly lesser.

  2. No maintenance costs – The burden of maintenance is taken away from you because the company that owns the forklift will be the one to take care of it, unless it was you who was responsible for the damage. Parts and repairs are taken care of by the company that leases the forklift, so even if it breaks down at no fault on your part, the company will take care of the expenses.

  3. Wider choice – You now have free reign over your budget and you can choose any kind of model that you want that should meet your needs. In any event that you do want to purchase your own forklift, renting out is a good way of “testing” which models or units are better for you.

It’s not always a good idea to resort to renting. If your company does feel the need to invest in a forklift, you can probably end up saving money from buying one rather than renting. This all boils down on how often you need to use it and how important it is to the company.

Who would want to be a millionaire by the time they reached 30? I bet everyone would want just that.  However the problem is that most people just don’t have any clue on how to make that possible.  They want it to happen easily and are not prepared to put in the effort required from them to reach this goal.  When you’re in your 20s, you would rather spend your money on just about anything like buying a car, a house, going on vacation trips, or even throwing some unnecessary parties just to be around other people and have fun.  If you are determined to be a millionaire, you need to have the commitment, dedication and determination to achieve your goal.  You need to have the passion that will drive you to pursue this goal no matter how hard or difficult it will become.

Believe In The Goal At Hand

One of the things that you should be thinking about is your focus on this goal.  It is one thing to know that you want to be a millionaire but it’s another thing when you believe it’s going to happen.  It is important that you believe that you can achieve this. It is only in believing that things happens without it, no matter how much effort you put into it, it will always end up short of what you need to achieve this dream.  Most people want to be a millionaire but not everyone believes it can happen.  That’s why there’s only a handful who literally becomes one.  They are focused of what they have and considered all the limitations instead of focusing on all the possibilities of making it real.

If you believe that you do not deserve to be wealthy, it is like telling yourself that you cannot do it.  So stay away from all these negative thoughts.  It will drag you down instead of push you up in attaining your goal.  Be prepared to do everything that you can to achieve your goal.  However it is important that you do not compromise your integrity and moral standards in the process.  Wealth attained with tainted integrity is not worth it.  You can’t afford to risk feeling all the guilt of attaining wealth in the wrong way, it will sure to eat you up.  So it’s better to earn your wealth honestly and only then will you be able to stand with pride and enjoy every cent you have when you’re on top.

Know What You Would Be Doing With Your Money

It’s good to have a dream but it will be useless without a plan.  If you have a goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30, well and good but once you have the money, what do you plan on spending it to?  Most of the time people are tested in great poverty and great wealth and interestingly, many cannot survive the challenges that come their way during the peak of their wealth.  Have a plan and know why you want to be a millionaire and what you plan to use it for.  Ask yourself and note the things you plan to buy and how you want to keep your money rolling.  This is going to be very helpful because it will set things in order and will guide you on your priorities when the trial times come your way.

Always keep in mind that wealth cannot buy happiness; having so much money does not automatically means, you are happy.  Happiness is not entirely based on money; more often, it is entirely not about money at all.  Sure, money can bring you little happiness for the meantime but it is not going to assure you of a never ending happiness. So if you have the goal of becoming a millionaire, think of what other things you can do with your money once you achieve that goal. Are you going to be setting up a business? Would you be investing it in a house or in a car? Would you be putting up a non-government organization to help children? Whatever your decision is, use it as a motivating factor to achieve your goal.

Being A Millionaire Does Not Mean Spending On A Lot Of Things

If you think that millionaires are all about thinking where they would be spending their money, you should think again.  You see, having that much money can help you have financial freedom to do whatever it is that you would like to do however, for most millionaires, their mindset is not all about spending. In fact, they are thinking more on how to make more money and spending it frugally. This is a very common misconception.

The truth is, if you have strived very hard and worked really hard to be able to earn millions, it will not be easy to just spend it away.  Every cent is hard earned and you want it going to something worth all the sweat and effort you gave for it.  That’s why it is important to have a spending habit plan so that it won’t be about shopping, shopping and more shopping.  You may want to consider doing some investments.  Don’t spend your money in anything pleasurable temporarily.  Be wise on how you handle your money and think twice before spending it.

Be Ready For The Journey

One of the difficult things about becoming a millionaire is actually taking on the road that leads you in that position. There are plenty of difficulties and obstacles waiting for you on that road. That is why a lot of people who would want to reach the goal give up halfway upon reaching some obstacles. They would choose to live the way that they are living now rather than face some heavy challenges. However, if you are really determined to do it, go ahead. Just be ready for everything that may come your way and focus your eyes on your goal.

Working your body off to fulfill this dream is important but it is equally important that you take good care of your health.  Your health is the main requirement you need to be able to reach your goal and become a millionaire. Your body is going to be doing all the work for you so make sure you give what it needs to be fully functioning. Make sure that you are able to sustain your health until you reach your goal.


Pests are annoying to have around our homes. They will eat through anything, like wood, food, and even our walls are not safe from these destructive creatures. Pests like rodents, mosquitoes, and cockroaches can also bring diseases into our homes. Everything they touch becomes unsafe and dirty, yet we do not know that they have infected our food and other stuff. Termites can cause significant damage to the wooden furniture, walls, and foundation of our home, which can cause the deterioration of our overall property value. In a way, it is never good to have pests around the house.

Hiring competitive pest control professionals can often be too expensive or problematic for a number of reasons. The first reason why they are expensive is that they will be using chemicals, toxic or non-toxic, to get rid of your pest problems. Second, the nature of your infestation will determine the need for them to be thorough, and by thorough I mean breaking through your walls and floors to get rid of the hidden colonies and nests. Sometimes, it is your responsibility to repair the parts of the house that they have broken into, like walls and floors. Despite all of these reasons, they still manage to get the job done.

If you do not have the finances to spare for professional pest control services, you can always do it yourself. As our moms would often like to say “prevention is better is cure”, it is always a good start to prevent a possible infestation from happening and you can do this by following these simple tips:

You need to dispose of your trash properly by making sure to take the trash out every night and by using high-density trash bags and trash cans with locks. This will prevent rodents and cockroaches from ravaging through your trash every night, as well as prevent scavengers like raccoons and squirrels from making a mess in front of your yard.

Early detection is also a good way of preventing infestations. Termite infestations may be easy to detect if they have started gnawing their way through your wooden furniture, but they can be difficult to detect if they are behind your walls or under your wooden floors. Once you have spotted an infestation, you can easily get rid of them by using insecticides or special termite sprays or powders.

During the summer, the presence of mosquitoes is rampant. These little buggers can bring diseases like malaria, dengue, and typhoid fever. If you spot a couple of mosquitoes, your best bet is to spray the area where the mosquitoes are found with insecticides on a daily basis, or as the need arises.

If the infestation is uncontrollable, it is high time to hire the services of professionals.

PArty 7Party 6

Who doesn’t love parties? A successful and great party doesn’t just happen with the snap of a finger. It takes a whole lot of planning and preparing especially if you’re really aiming for the party of the year. For some, organizing a party may seem like a daunting and difficult task. While that may be somewhat true, there are numerous handy and simple tips that you can follow to help you on your organizing and preparing. In no time, you can have your fun and fabulous party started!

Getting Started

Your planning can depend on what sort of party you are throwing since it will affect the details of party planning. Is it a birthday party? If it is, is it a surprise party? What should be the theme? Evidently, there are many things to consider in the planning stage. Don’t let that overwhelm you too much though. Take a deep breath and do things one at a time.  To keep your planning in order, make a checklist of the things that you need to complete so that you don’t miss a single task for the party.

Budget Plan


party 5Before delving in to the deeper details, you need to know how much you are capable or willing to spend for the party. This is extremely important because you don’t want to go short on budget or overspend on unnecessary details. As you come up with the details that you’ll need for the party, make a mental tally of the cost. You’ll also need to be smart on your expenses. If you go beyond your budget, find some ways to scale back. For instance, if the decoration costs a lot, keep only the essential ones to creating the party atmosphere and cancel the rest. Remember, you don’t need a lot of cash to make certain that everyone has a good time.


You’ll also need to carefully budget how much you will spend on the food, beverages, decorations, and other stuff that you need for the party.




Picturing the event and the guests who will be coming to the party is the first step in creating a party checklist. It’s important to let your guests know about your event first by sending out the invitations ahead of time. For a casual get-together or a children’s party, it’s good enough to send out the invitations 2 weeks prior the event. On the other hand, for more formal events like a dinner party or an adult milestone birthday, it’s appropriate to send out invitations three to four weeks before the said date of event. For holiday events such as Christmas or 4th of July, it is best give in advance so that your guests can make plans.


How your invitation will look like can depend on how simple or creative you want it to be. It’ll be more fun if you make the invitations according to your theme. For instance, if you’re throwing a baby shower, you can roll up the invitations with pastel-colored baby bottles or if you’re inviting for a barbeque party at your backyard, you can creatively glue your invitation to barbeque sticks. It’s really up to you; sky is the limit to your creativity. Remember to make sure to include in your invitations the important details such as the date, time, event location, RSVP info and others. And of course, make certain they are sent to the right people!




The ambiance of your party will play a very big role to its success. Imagine a child’s birthday party with no decorations. Wouldn’t it look dull and unappealing to their sight? So to set up the mood of the party, decorate appropriately. A children’s party will entail lots of colors and pretty designs while a formal dinner will stick to a formal color palette with beautiful but subtle decorations. At this point, you’ll really need to squeeze out your creative juice if you’re decorating on your own. Ask help if you can’t do it on your own.

party 4party 3

A simple tip: decorations do not have to be overwhelming or take up too much space to be effectual. You just have to choose the ones that can enhance the mood that you are trying to make. For instance, fresh flowers are popular for events like a bridal shower or wedding reception. You can never go wrong with streamers and balloons for a graduation or birthday party.

Food and Beverages

The menu you’ll be serving to your guests is essentially central to party planning.In fact, this is the part where you will be most likely spending your energy with. From the appetizers to the desserts, your food and beverages have to match your event. If you are following a certain theme, your food also has to complement. For instance, a Hawaiian party at the poolside will fit best with also a Hawaiian-themed menu like roasted pork and pineapple and poi. If you’re throwing a Halloween party, you can add bite to the spooky season with fiendish food ideas and horror-themed Halloween recipes, snacks, cupcakes and treats. The drinks should also mirror the party’s mood, from sodas at a kid’s birthday party to wines at a formal dinner party. Make sure to always provide non-alcoholic options for your guests.

party 2party 1

A simple tip: Jot down everything you plan to serve including the hors d’oeuvres, main course, dessert, cake, and beverages. Based on your guest list RSVP’s, you can estimate how much of each item on your list you will need.

Music and Entertainment

Aside from the food and drinks, the music and entertainment is another thing you should never overlook. It’s a core mood enhancer so make sure to prepare for the appropriate ones. Your choice of music background and entertainment will also highly depend on your party. If you’re throwing a dance party, you might want to hire a DJ—he or she will make your life a lot easier! Just make sure to pick the one who knows how to bring a party to life. For more formal parties, a subtle and gentle music option is most suitable. You can either hire a pianist to entertain the guests or play classical music to set the mood. If it’s a children’s party, you can hire a clown or a magician to amuse the kids.

The Event Day

By this time, everything planned has to be set already. You already have a list on hand of how many people are coming, what time the venue is prepared, what type of music is to be played and a whole lot more. Whether it’s a big or small party, the day of the event can build up pressure to the organizer. But keep calm and handle things one at a time. Grab your checklist to see if everything is ticked off. If there are tasks that aren’t done yet, put them on priority and see what you can do to have it completed.

Above all, don’t forget to enjoy the party especially if it’s for you! It’s the best thing you can do after everything is set. Relax and party the night away knowing you worked hard for its success.

Are you all set now to organizing and planning your own party?




I often consider furniture as a form of long-term investment, simply because they do not need to be replaced every few years or so, unless the need arises. Furniture pieces like couches, beds, dining tables, and coffee tables can last for more than ten years, provided they have been taken care of properly. I think the main reason why people are forced to take care of their furniture is that they can be expensive to purchase and pretty difficult to sell as a second-hand item. In my opinion, I think people are wary of purchasing second-hand furniture because they think that there is something wrong with it.


The make of the furniture

Furniture pieces and frames are made from two distinct materials, namely wood and metal. These materials have different sets of advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, metal furniture pieces are often pricier than wooden furniture, but it all depends on the make of the former. Metal furniture with thicker beams and polished finishes are pricier but there are wooden furniture pieces that are more expensive because of the materials like oak, mahogany, Narra, and even rattan. Whatever the make of your furniture is, it is important that you know how to take care of them.


How to take care of wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is probably a little bit more difficult to take care of than metal furniture because they are easily battered by the weather conditions and insect infestations. Extreme heat and cold often whither down the durability of wood, and wooden finish can only take so much damage. To prevent this from happening, you can look up weatherproof finishes or paints to prevent the wood from deteriorating at a rapid pace. Dirt, oil, and grime can accumulate in wooden furniture and it can be difficult to remove them without damaging the finish or the surface of the furniture. When cleaning, do not use detergents, as they can have a negative effect on the furniture finish. When possible, use mineral spirits or naphtha as a cleaning agent, and use a soft rag or soft steel wool on the affected area.


How to take care of metal furniture

Metal furniture is a popular choice for outdoor furniture pieces. You will find that different kinds of designs of furniture from websites like furnitureescape.com.au. For metal furniture, especially outdoor types, you only have to worry about rust and discoloration. In case of rust and dirt accumulation, use fine grit sandpaper and rub on the affected area. You can also choose to reapply metal finishes or paints over the damaged area. For aluminum furniture with a heavy amount of rust and dirt, you can use a heavy duty cleaner that contains no oil or bleach, then use a soft cloth or steel wool over the area. Afterwards, rinse with running water. For those hard to remove dirt, you can use a non-abrasive cleaner.

Once you keep all of these tips and tricks in mind, I can assure you that your furniture will last for decades.

Many webmasters wannabes wish to have designed great looking sites, but failed because of the lack of application knowledge or the lack of artistic talent.  They were too caught up with their designs that may have forgotten to consider more important factors in making the website usable or a success.  Web design trends have evolved and adjusted to the changes in technology and consumerism.  We’re past the technology of the 90’s and moving on to the world of iPhones, iPads, touch screen phones, notebook, and Smartphones.  Social websites are the new trend in the world of web design today; people have higher demands with shorter attention spans and for a web design to be effective, it should either be or look to be effortless and usable.  Together with this evolution, the essence of web designing is also going through rapid development.  Here are some of the factors that capture the essence of creating web design.

The Psychological Effect

Humans naturally accept things that are relevant to their real life, rather than fantasy or imaginary things, according to psychological studies.  Based on this, it is important to keep in mind the following when designing websites.

  • Implement a realistic approach to make it more accessible
  • The color scheme should be selected according to the taste of the website visitors
  • It is imperative that you know the demands of the client and the requirements for the website and developed a website suitable for the profile of its visitors.

The Emotional Effect

Websites that evoke an emotion of the visitor is a concept within the web design industry that will attract clients and gain viewers.  The website’s goal is to grab the audience’s attention through their emotions.  It is important that the design of the websites has to have a proper sense of emotion for the targeted audience using enhanced presentation, modern form of art, etc.


Minimalism has started to become more dominant trend within the web design industry.  It is vital to make the website look effortless and convenient.  The less people have to do to achieve their goal, the happier they’ll be and more likely to return.  Make sure the website is organized, arranging the content in a logical way and create a visual hierarchy if necessary.  Note that simple websites load faster and requires less time to design and easy to redesign.  It also uses less disk space, bandwidth and has less trouble when it comes to compatibility with different browsers and platforms.

Design for the User

Ultimately, the website’s audience plays an important role in the design process of the website; they should be considered in the selection of graphics and color scheme.  Web design must not be distracting or irritating to the visitors; it is important to create a profile of the users of the website and design the site according to the profile.  Make the website interactive, add responsiveness for social communities.

 “Our future success in the key industrial branches automobile, machine, and plant construction as well as chemical technologies here in Germany will depend essentially on the availability of such strategically important resources as copper, gallium, or rare earths”

Prof. Jens Gutzmer, Director of the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology and Professor of Economic Geology and Petrology at the TU Bergakademie

A long-term strategy is needed to secure and guard raw materials of vital interest in any industry especially to industry economies that mainly profit from car manufacturing and other related industrial commodities.

Rare earth metals occur naturally within the depths of the earth, it have certain properties that made them exceptional from all of the others, making it uniquely appropriate to certain types of technologies such as electric vehicles and wind turbines. Most of the parts found in these clean technologies such as batteries, superconducting wires, magnets and motors are all made possible due to the existence of rare metals and their properties.

These materials are plenty in China but the United States issued a $30 million in grants through the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy and the Department of Energy to expand the areas of developing alternatives to rare earth materials. One of theseresearches is believed to succeed to craft its way in supplying necessary inputs for a clean energy economy.

This action is done to prevent a competitive disadvantage, for it will subject the U.S.  manufacturing to the variety of prices making a 95 percent Chinese stake in the market flows. And succeeding in these projectswill ensure sufficient supply traction in the market and less dependency importing goods and moderate price volatility.

One of the companies that set foot in one of the projects is Baldor motors; they aim to create a smaller, lighter and rare-earth free motor. To include the capacity to provide more torque at lower cost while using an improved cooling system.

Another company is Advanced Magnet Lab in Tambay Florida, they are working to produce AML’s generators, using superconducting materials that will be up 75 % lighter, 50% smaller and more efficient than existing system. It will be a much needed technological alternative to current dependence on rare earth metals, while devoting I all American made products.

There was an Emperor in China during the Qin Dynasty that pleasure on drinking hot water, on a peaceful afternoon a leaf fall unto the emperor’s hot water from then tea was born. This is a famous tale in China where the first tea drinking is recorded during 10th century BC. From then is has been the most widely consumed beverage throughout the ages.

Studies show that regularly tea drinking reduces the risk of having Alzeihemers disease and diabetes to include healthier teeth and gums better considering making one now to replace the sugar filled colas and shakes that clog your veins and make you fat.

Making tea is as easy as 1, 2, and 3, just boil some water drop some tea leaves and drain. The smooth minty calming effect is an escape from the tensions of everyday. But there has been innovations and tea do not longer limit to tea leaves from camellia sinensis, infusions from other herbs and fruits are now being greatly appreciated and so as the health benefits that you can get from the bliss of drinking it.

Oolong tea. It is also the same traditional tea leaf it is just produced in a unique process including withering under the strong sun and oxidation before curling and twisting. There are fine quality leaves mostly chosen from cultivars. People with eczema who drinks this type of tea three times a have significantly show improvement in itching and other related symptoms. The tea contains polyphenols is a type of anti- oxidant reduces inflammation in different types of diseases. To make an oolong tea, you will need two teaspoon of the tea for a 200 ml of water. It should be prepared with 93 to 96 degrees Celsius and steeped for three to ten minutes. If the tea is of high quality it can be steeped several times, yes using the same leaves and it will have the same concentration and great taste.

Ginger. It has been long used as a spice and in many of our beloved ales but it also exerts efforts to cure some ailments. You can pour twocups of boiling water over a small piece of peeled, grated ginger, steep it for ten minutes and strain. You can add a pinch of cayenne pepper to add more spice and flavor. This will be effective remedy for nasal and chest congestion.

There can be an explosion of how you can play and make tea; you can add lemons for the extra sip of vitamin C and preservation of flavinoids or a combination of some green jasmine, mint and honey and many more. It can be hot or iced cold, make it a habit and take the pleasure of sipping while enjoying a refreshing healthy lifestyle.


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